About 99% of our designs are available on plus-size shirts.
Here's explained how that works.

Would you like to add some size to your shirt?

No problem! But to anticipate your question: We don't have plus-sizes in the shop. We simply had to many return shipments, because the garments didn't fit. Instead you can now order your plus-size shirts per special order. The principle is simple. Take a look at the sizing table below and really check what fits your size. It's best to compare the measurements with a garment in your wardrobe. Fill out the form below with the garment, size, colour and designs and we'll send you a non-binding offer. The whole order process takes about 3-7 work days.
Important! The wares from a special order are non-returnable and non-refundable (except for defects)! Please make sure everything fits. When in doubt, contact us! We can offer to send out a shirt for fitting.


For plus-size we have two brands available. Our tried and tested hoodies from Just Hoods as well as high quality shirts from Promodoro. The hoodies from Just Hoods have the same cut as the ones from our standard range. You can't describe as other than a normal and comfortably fitting hoodie. Promodoro is our second supplier. The Shirts are really extremely big, so we can't stress this enough: Check the size before buying.

Sizechart: Promodoro

Size Height Width Sleeves Colors
4XL 85 72 24
5XL 87 82 25

Sizechart: JustHoods

Size Height Width Sleeves Colors
4XL 86 78 68,5
5XL 90 83 70,5

When you know what you want, just fill out the form below. In the free text field you can copy the links to your designs of choice. Please note the limited colour options for plus-size garments. Payment will be after agreement to the offer via pre-payment or paypal.