We're back! The Onlinestore from Bielefeld - Germany with Geek- and Nerd-Shirts for You!

Hi, we are Supergeek.de

We decided to bring back Nerd-Shirts for our geeky customers who don't fancy Youtube-merch that much. So built a new, clear online store just for you guys! Say "Hello" to Supergeek.de

Something new, but as always

Like before, we offer you Geek-Shirts in pretty much every size and colour. No matter if hoodie or gym bag, we always watch out to give you the best possible quality and ensure a responsible and sustainable production process.

Our Designs

We cooperate with professional designers worldwide, to bring their art on your shirt. Despite our wide range of designs, we are still on the lookout for new ones. When you have an idea about a design you are missing in the shop, or when you have already created one youself, just take a look here for more details.

How our products are made

Pretty much everything you can buy in our Onlineshop is handmade, individually printed, embroidered, packed, and shipped. We focus purposely on On-Demand production to fulfill our own demands for quality.

To reach our goal, two cheerful production lines work tirelessly to fulfill your orders. First, there is the flexographic printing where our employees work four presses to puzzle the designs on your shirts. Our industrious cutter minions see to a steady supply of foils from the plotter machine. Second, we have a couple of Direct-to-Garment printers, that produce photorealistic prints on the textiles.
Here you can find out more about our production methods
In our shipping department, we make sure to pack up your order with the highest care before handing the packages over to our shipping partners. In case of a problem with your order, don't hesitate to contact our customer support!