By default we ship with DHL

We usually send out your order within 1-2 days after we received your payments. The actual delivery time is mentioned in the product description and is set in you order confirmation. Shipping to european countries usually takes a couple of days longer.

After you place your order you'll get a mail containing the shipping number. This does not apply to smaller articles (like single shirts), these are shipped via letterpost and are not trackable.

Also it's possible to pick up the order in Bielefeld without delivery charges.

Deutschland 6,90€ Free of charge at an order value of 100,00€
Österreich 7,90€
Schweiz 17,90€

We also ship to the rest of europe:

Belgien 13,90€ Free of charge at an order value of 100,00
Croatia, Griechenland, Portugal, Romania, Türkei 16,90€
Dänemark, Polen, Slovenien, Spanien, Tschechien 14,90€
Estland, Finnland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norwegen, Ungarn, Zypern 15,90€
Frankreich, Irland, Slovakia 9,90€
Italien 10,90€
Luxemburg 8,90€
Niederlande 7,90€
Schweden 11,90€

We DO NOT ship to the countries outside of Europe.